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Light liquid separators according to EN 858

light liquid separators

Oil and coalescence separators are required where light liquids occur. This is usually at

  • Petrol / Gas stations,
  • Car washes,
  • Vehicle repair garages and
  • similar places.

With oil separators a special inlet system has a plug-flow effect in the separator. This slows the flow down and distributes it in a hydraulically effective way over the separator space. Whereas the heavy materials sink to the bottom and are separated out, the light materials rise to the top and are separated off there.

With coalescence separators a coalescence filter insert is installed before the drain to improve the separating effect in the separator. When the water flows through, tiny oil drops combine to form large drops which then leave the coalescence material.

All light liquid separators are supplied for underground installation up to load class D. There are suitable sampling chambers and alarm equipment available in the range for all nominal sizes (available up to NS 20).


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