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SonicControl” automatic measuring device for Oil and Coalescence Separators

for real time measurement, display and control of oil and sludge layers including a backwater warning device.

Drinking water is one of our most precious resources and is available in only limited amounts. Wherever oil and fuel are present there is always a danger of contamination with clean water - facilities such as filling stations, vehicle service stations or car washes are typical locations where the handling of oil / fuel contaminated wastewater must be considered. Remember, 1 drop of oil is enough to contaminate 1000 liters of water.

Quite often, the contamination of water cannot be avoided and in order to prevent enviromental damage to watercourses, separators need to be specified and installed. These separators serve to remove environmentally damaging sludge and oils / fuels from the wastewater stream.

According to the Euro standard EN 858-1, separator systems must be equipped with automatic warning devices. The KESSEL warning system SonicControl for oil and coalescence separators is used for reliable real time measurement of the oil / fuel levels, sludge levels and detection of backwater.

'SonicControl' for use in fuel and coalescence separators offers the following advantages:

  • Three monitors in one
    • precise (centimeter accurate), real time monitoring of oil / fuel layers
    • precise (centimeter accurate), real time monitoring of the sludge layers
    • Backwater (outlet blockage) monitoring
  • Self diagnosis control unit
  • USB port for downloading of data storage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for all KESSEL oil and coalescence filters
  • Can be retrofitted to existing KESSEL separators
  • Readout software

SonicControl for Light Liquid Separators


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