Lifting station Aqualift F

The classic version for domestic wastewater.

The Aqualift F is the classic solution for disposing of domestic wastewater. The lifting station transports black water in addition to grey water. Depending on the version, the Aqualift F has one or two automatic pumps that switch on as soon as a certain water level has been reached in the tank and transports the wastewater through the pressure pipe into the sewer.

The Mono system is equipped with one pump and the Duo system has two pumps that operate alternately. Duo systems are used where no operational interruptions can occur due to the failure of a pump. Both system types are available with and without a shut-off valve and with pumps of different performance classes.


Power and control unit

The Aqualift F is available as a Mono or Duo system. Both systems have powerful pumps in the versions S1 and/or S3 with a wide range of applications from an input power of 1,400 W to 3,000 W, a sensor control and plug-in ready control units with the self-diagnosis system SDS

Pressure sensor

The Aqualift F has an immersion pipe for safe pneumatic level measurement. An optionally available alarm sensor guarantees additional safety.