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From planning to the operation of a drainage system – KESSEL is behind you with advice and technical aid. We supply everything from Information to planning assistance to services in the commissioning and maintenance of our products.

Catalogs and Brochures
Product Manuals
Mounting and operating guidelines sorted according to KESSEL product groups.
Product Videos
Product Videos to many of our products from the sections backwater protection, wastewater discharge and wastewater treatment.
Search for specific CAD drawings, or download the complete CAD library with included product browser.
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
SmartSelect product selection
SmartSelect is used to determine the occurrence of soiled water and the loss of pressure in a pipe in just a few steps. The suitable pump and the right product can be selected on the basis of the installation situation.
Customer Service
Find your KESSEL customer service partner.
SonicControl Viewer
The SonicControl Viewer can be used to read out SonicControl measuring data from control units with data interface.
Drainage Encyclopedia
Here you'll find continuative information about drainage technology and our products.


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