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Amusement parks are frequented by droves of visitors and so are very busy.  The products installed in their sanitary facilities are under heavy use and have to function perfectly at all times. In the case of drains and shower channels, particular importance is placed on a high flow rate as well as longevity of optical and technical quality. Ease of cleaning and a locking system for drain covers, like the KESSEL Lock & Lift system, are further important features.

The project drains made of Ecoguss, the high-tech material developed by KESSEL as an alternative to corrosion-prone cast iron, are particularly suitable. Ecoguss is also the material that KESSEL utilises in the manufacture of yard drains for outdoor use. Ecoguss yard drains can be driven over by heavy vehicles and are fuel-resistant. They also have a removable sludge-bucket. Installation is made easier by the upper section, which can be turned, tilted and height-adjusted.

When it comes to floor drainage in gastronomy, where particularly stringent cleanliness rules apply, easily cleaned stainless steel products (floor drains and channels) such as those offered by KESSEL are the preferred choice. The greasy wastewater that originates in large kitchens cannot be discharged into the sewage system without being pre-treated in a grease separator. As the market leader for separator systems made of plastic, KESSEL has a whole range of products which are tried-and-tested, even including customised solutions for individual requirements. If the wastewater has to be transported upwards to reach the sewers, we can provide powerful lifting stations to do the job.




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