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Commercial Buildings: Hotels and Restaurants

Commercial Buildings: Hotels and Restaurants

Drainage systems in hotels and restaurants have to fulfil particularly high requirements. Hygiene is of the utmost importance to guests and supervisory authorities. Functionality, safety and the price/performance ratio are other important factors to the client and/or operator of the hotel or restaurant. Where KESSEL products are used, these requirements are met down to the very last detail.

KESSEL offers designer drains and shower channels for bathrooms and spas. This range allows the concept of high-quality and custom bathroom designs to be perfectly realised. The guests will be happy to return. The KESSEL drains and shower channels make work easy for the cleaning staff. The smooth surfaces of the materials endow the products with a self-cleansing property. Covers and odour traps are easily removed. Additionally, a hair filter and a stop for odour, foam and rodents in the form of KESSEL’s Multistop can also be used. The locking and removal device Lock & Lift provides further insurance and safety.

In the field of kitchen drainage equipment, KESSEL’s stainless steel drains, slotted channels and floor trays meet the high requirements. Grease separators are offered in numerous variations, including program-controlled and fully automatic systems, for free-standing or underground installation. What the various units have in common is the ease of cleaning, their absolute water-tightness and their resistance against fatty acids. KESSEL provides a 20 year guarantee on the PE-HD material.

A wastewater lifting station must be used for grease separators as well as for toilets and showers which are installed below the backwater level. KESSEL offers a complete range of lifting stations in all kinds of different variants and power levels.


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