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Private Homes: Multifamily, Appartments, Flats

Private homes

For most people, building a house is the largest investment that they may make in their lifetime.  Because of this it is extremely important to protect this property. A potential danger is backwater from the sewer. As the frequency of heavy rainfall increases, residential areas which have so far been spared are also becoming affected. Basements can be flooded via unprotected drains, showers, toilets, washbasins and washing machine connections below the backwater level. Damages caused by backwater flooding typically well exceed the costs of installing backwater protection. KESSEL, number 1 in backwater protection, offers a complete product range for the all-round protection from water in the basement. Whether in a new or renovated building, installed within the building or outside in an inspection chamber – the tried-and-trusted Staufix backwater valves, the premium Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F backwater valves or the Ecolift backwater lifting station guarantee safety and straightforward installation. In addition to the Ecolift lifting station we have further lifting stations in our product portfolio for the purposes of draining basements.

For bathrooms, KESSEL offers drains with modern, high-grade covers that are completely up to the standards of modern bathroom design concepts as well as designer shower channels for flush-to-floor, barrier-free showers. The designer covers for the bathroom drains present an amalgamation of aesthetics and technology. Eight different solid stainless steel covers provide plenty of room for individual design wishes. They allow drains to accentuate the room concept or, in the case of a recessed cover for on-site tiling, be adapted to the floor around them. 

The Linearis Comfort designer shower channels open up completely new creative freedoms in bathroom design. The range covers the following versions:

  • Timeless stainless steel design
  • Wengé or burl wood look for a warm, natural atmosphere
  • Illuminated channels with maintenance-free induction technology
  • With chambers filled with coloured crystals and LED lighting
  • With lettering, emblems, logos, coats of arms etc. on request and LED lighting.

Balcony/patio drains, gutter drains and yard drains that can be driven over by vehicles make sure the area around the building is drained, all available with optional odour stop and removable sludge bucket.


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