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KESSEL-Engineering Chamber, H15, 600
Cl. D, 3880-4129mm

KESSEL-Engineering Chamber, H15, 600 Cl. D, 3880-4129mm
Engineering system chamber Ø 1000 with access opening Ø 600
Class D
D15: 3880 – 4129

Made of polyethylene PE-HD
Installation: For underground installation
handles groundwater depths up to 3000
Modular design comprising:
• chamber rings with access steps fitted
• with telescopic height adjustable
upper section
• round cover made of cast iron
• includes all sealing gaskets and wedge
connectors required for installation
Delivery: As individual elements
Remark: Covers surface water tight
Note: Additional installation depths
(on request)

Manufacturer: KESSEL
Article number: 8740085 / GTIN: 4026092066003


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