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At the moment we can only offer you a very limited range of services. The reason for this is a cyber attack that targeted the IT infrastructure of KESSEL AG. This means: it will take some time until our website will be fully available to you again. Until then, we ask for your patience. Do you have any questions about our products and services or do you need further information? We have compiled the most important contact options for you below.

International Offices and Sales department

You can still reach us by telephone as usual on the following numbers:

International Offices Belgium Tel +32 33765081
France Tel +33 388 657600
Italy Tel +39 051 6832257
Netherlands Tel +31 172 645704
Poland Tel +48 717746760
Romania Tel +40 371499603
Austria please visit
Germany please visit
Switzerland please visit
Sales department Northern Europe and Far East Tel +49 8456 / 27-310
Eastern Europe Tel +49 8456 / 27-189
Southern Europe Tel +49 8456 / 27-257
Western Europe and America Tel +49 8456 / 27-246
Middle East Tel +49 8456 / 27-341
Australia and New Zealand Tel +49 8456 / 27-257
Africa Tel +49 8456 / 27-257

Kontakt- und Produktinformationen in deutscher Sprache

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Information on products

You can also find information on products as well as installation and maintenance on our YouTube channel at KESSEL International - YouTube and (catalogues, brochures and manuals).



SmartSelect tool for configuring, designing and calculating lifting stations and grease separators:


BIM / CAD data available

To access complete BIM / CAD data please download the BIM Selector Software (600 MB).