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Basement drain with a light liquid trap

The specialist for the basement heating room.

Perfect for the basement heating room: Surface water passes through a polymer slotted cover and into the light liquid trap, from where it is discharged into the sewer. If a light liquid, for example, heating oil gets into the drain, a floater reliably ensures that contaminated wastewater is not transported into the sewer and cannot cause serious pollution in the sewer and connected wastewater treatment plants.

Available in two versions, with and without an integrated backwater valve.


How it works

The basement drain not only prevents wastewater contaminated with light liquids from getting into the sewer, but also prevents wastewater pushed back from the sewer (backwater) from getting into the basement. To this end, it is equipped with an optional Type 5 backwater valve.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

Individual solutions