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Submersible pump STZ 1000

The Aquadive STZ 1000 submersible pump has a power of 1000 W and is suitable for interval operation (S3). It can pump up to 12 m3 per hour to a maximum height of 10 metres.

The STZ 1000 is available with and without float switch.

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Submersible pumps GTF 1000

Pump GTF 1000

  Pump controlType of wastewaterType of level measurementOperating voltage Item no.  
28760 GTF 1000 without sewage 230  V 28760
28760C GTF 1000 resistant without sewage 230  V 28760C
28860 GTF 1000 without sewage mechanical 230  V 28860
28860C GTF 1000 resistant without sewage mechanical 230  V 28860C