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Submersible pump Aquadive KTP 300

The inexpensive entry-level solution.

Mobile submersible motor pumps, such as the KTP 300, are used wherever it is not worth using a permanently installed pump. The KTP 300 pumps up to 8 m3 of water an hour up to a maximum height of 6 metres and is, therefore, also ideal for pumping large quantities of clear water, rainwater and wastewater from swimming pools, ponds, excavations etc. It is also suitable for continuous operation with a constant load (S1).  

The KTP 300 is available either with or without a float switch.  

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Submersible pump Aquadive KTP 300

  Pump Operating mode Type of level measurement Item no.  
28740 KTP 300 S1 - 28740
28740C S1 - 28740C
28840 KTP 300 S1 mechanical 28840
28840C S1 mechanical 28840C