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The KESSEL promise: "Made in Germany" quality

The production site and headquarters of KESSEL are located in Lenting, Bavaria. This is where German quality products are produced that impress all over the world – amongst other things, thanks to the ISO-certified integrated management system.

The policy underpinning the integrated management system of KESSEL

As a manufacturer of drainage technology, KESSEL has the task of protecting its customers, their property and the environment. To fulfil this responsibility, KESSEL is committed to continuous and sustainable improvements to the management system in compliance with all standards and goes far beyond the statutory requirements placed on the company.


Central pillars of the IMS policy

The integrated management system policy of KESSEL is based on seven overarching basic principles. They continuously ensure that the management system meets our operational and legal requirements in the best possible way. 

  • Definition, tracking and evaluation in the annual cycle 
  • Consideration of all stakeholders 
  • Regular review of risks and opportunities  

  • KPI system 
  • “Idea+” suggestion scheme 
  • Regular audits 
  • Quality Circle 
  • CIP projects 

  • Working group for the management systems and one team per system 
  • Weekly meetings, voting and decisions by the IMS team 

  • Regular coordination with IMS Managers 
  • Provision of the required information and resources 

  • Employee information via the Intranet, the "MitmacherMagazine" and the "Q-Corner" 
  • Consultation with and participation by employees 

  • Automatic instruction system 
  • Media-friendly training content 

  • Software-supported tracking of statutory obligations and other requirements 
  • Automatic notification in the event of changes in the law 

Reliable quality management according to ISO 9001

In order to guarantee the highest possible quality of products and services, KESSEL manages the corresponding processes in development, production and customer service with its management system. The measures include quality-enhancing working methods, quality improvements, continuous improvement processes and external validation.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001

The protection of the environment is a key raison d'être of KESSEL. As such, the company regulates this with the management system at company level in order to make the operation more sustainable: On the one hand as proactive environmental protection, and on the other hand through the containment of harmful substances.

Occupational health and safety management according to ISO 45001

As a company that is synonymous with safety, KESSEL also goes beyond its obligation in the area of occupational health and safety: Occupational safety and health care are constantly monitored within the framework of its own management system.

Energy management according to ISO 50001

The highest possible energy efficiency is essential for sustainable business operations. The internal management system ensures that it is taken into account in all company decisions made by KESSEL.

Management Representative of KESSEL SE + Co. KG in Germany

IMS & quality management - T. Pelter

Thorsten Pelzer

IMS & quality management

Integrated Management System Manager and Quality Management Representative

Environmental management - S. Carota

Sabine Carota

Environmental management

Environmental Management Representative

Occupational health and safety management - G. Kraemer

Gerhard Kraemer

Occupational health and safety management

Safety Officer and Occupational Health and Safety Management Representative

Energy management - M. Sauter

Michael Sauter

Energy management

Energy Management Representative