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Basement drains

For dry floors in basement rooms

Wastewater often has to be drained from the basement through drains on the floor. The most common case is utility rooms where splashing and dripping water is to be expected from sinks or washing machines. Especially in the commercial sector, wellness facilities such as saunas or infrared heat cabins are often installed in basements where wastewater is generated. We offer various solutions for the reliable drainage of water from basement floors. Our basement drains are available with or without a backwater valve.

Reliable protection against backwater from the sewer

Basement rooms are usually located below the backwater level so they are particularly vulnerable in the event of backwater from the sewer. To protect against water ingress in the basement in the event of an overload of the sewer system, many of our basement drains are equipped with backwater valves. On request, it is even possible to provide further drainage against backwater via an integrated pump. Alternatively, a backwater valve can be used.

To the backwater valves

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

Individual solutions