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Linearis Comfort shower channel

The comfort solution for those who appreciate the aesthetics.

The elegant solution: the Linearis Comfort is our premium shower channel for maximum showering comfort. The reversible insert in a timeless stainless steel design is integrated into the floor of the shower area on the wall or room side. This creates a floor-level surface that enables a barrier-free room experience. And the shower channel also meets the most discerning demands in terms of acoustic comfort, offering excellent sound protection.

With five different channel lengths from 750 to 1,150 mm, the Linear Comfortshower channel is available in suitable sizes for different room dimensions. It can be combined with all drain bodies and accessories from the 125 modular system for point and linear drainage.

Advantages  Article overview

Individual design with a reversible stainless steel insert

The shower channel can be individually designed by turning over the stainless steel insert: On the underside there is a recess for floor tiles. In this way the Linearis Compact either becomes an eye-catcher that is set apart from the surrounding floor of the shower area or it is inserted completely unobtrusively.

Factory-fitted waterproofing membrane

The Linearis Comfort is supplied with a factory-fitted waterproofing membrane that meets the highest requirements in terms of load and leak-tightness in accordance with DIN 18534-1 load class W3. It is therefore best suited for commercial use.

Highest fire protection standards

In case of fire, water outlets constitute a risk, as the fire can pass through the discharge pipes and spread to other parts of the building. For protection purposes, our drains can be equipped with the Fire-Kit fire and smoke protection insert or the Quick-Fit pipe penetration seal with integrated fire protection. As soon as fire penetrates the drain body, the fire protection compound inside it swells automatically and seals the pipe socket against flames and smoke. Both the Fire-Kit and the Quick-Fit fulfil the highest fire resistance class R 120.

Linearis Comfort upper section

With factory-mounted waterproofing membrane

  Load classNominal size (DN)Outlet nominal size (DN)Outer dimension, length Item no.  
48928M K 3 (EN 1253-1) 125 815  mm 48928M
48929M K 3 (EN 1253-1) 125 915  mm 48929M
48930M K 3 (EN 1253-1) 125 1,015  mm 48930M
48931M K 3 (EN 1253-1) 125 1,115  mm 48931M
48932M K 3 (EN 1253-1) 125 1,215  mm 48932M

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In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

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