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Universale Plus basement drain

New, versatile and more advantageous than ever.

Even more versatile than our previous one, even more advantageous than all other basement drains with a backwater valve. The vertical connection to the main drainage pipe and the installation of the inlets above the floor slab require only a single penetration of the floor structure. When routing the supply lines above the floor slab, the top edge is always identical to the top edge of the floor slab. This means that the waterproof flange, which is mounted without any tools, is always positioned correctly in the middle. The backwater unit is easily accessible for disassembly and maintenance. This and the vertical pipe routing provide free access for drain cleaning.

The installation procedure allows for a clear separation of the trades between the building shell and the interior finishes. This means security in the event of a warranty claim.

Simply safe

with a system

You can select your Universale Plus basement drain as a complete item or assemble it individually using the modular system – from the waterproof sealing flange through to the variable upper section.

Drain body

Simply thought out

The drain body of the Universal Plus basement drain has a vertical outlet and an integrated backwater valve. The advantage of this new design: Both the backwater unit and the inlet to the main drainage pipe are no longer installed deep under the floor slab, making them easily and completely accessible. In combination with a clear pipe cross-section, maintenance and cleaning work on the main drainage pipe are made considerably easier.

The Universal Plus is to be installed in waterproof concrete? No problem. A waterproof sealing flange is installed in the factory or is available as an optional accessory in the modular system. Particularly practical: It can be clicked in without tools and is therefore always positioned correctly.

Extension section

Simply practical

Another new feature of the Universale Plus is its innovative extension section, in which three inlets are integrated. Using this method, for the first time, the inlets are above the floor slab. Thus two advantages go hand-in-hand: On the one hand, the floor slab now only has to be penetrated once – on the other hand, clear separation of the building shell and interior finishing trades is possible.

Upper section

Simply flexible

Attractive stainless steel look, tried and tested polymer or durable Ecoguss: The variety of the upper sections is as different as the possible uses of the Universale Plus. Regardless of the material, all versions have one thing in common: All are rotatable, tiltable and can be adjusted vertically – always suitable for the individual installation situation.

Simply affordable

when installed

Cost efficient, from the planning through to the maintenance: The Universale Plus is the drainage solution for basement rooms with which you can save time and money during its entire product life cycle.

Simply sustainable

Made with recycled material

Sustainability is an important aspect. For the sake of the environment, we therefore want to focus more on alternative polymers. The Universal Plus is the first KESSEL product that is predominant made from recycled material.

Simply radon-proof

Radiation protection

The radioactive noble gas radon is a natural element that is present virtually everywhere in our earth's crust. If it accumulates in a high concentration within enclosed spaces, it can be hazardous to humans: Radon is considered an environmental risk factor for lung cancer. The Universal Plus helps to prevent this health hazard from entering buildings. The basement drain has been tested and certified as radon-proof.

Application possibilities

The Universal Plus is suitable for flexible use. Whether in private buildings as a basement drain as well as in underground car parks, storage rooms or workshops.

Universal Plus basement drain

With backwater valve

  Load classNominal size (DN)Odour trapBackwater protectionCover materialLocking Item no.  
27631 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 Type 5 Polymer 27631
27641 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 Type 5 Stainless steel 14301 27641
27650 100 Type 5 27650
27651 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 Type 5 Stainless steel 14301 27651
27660 100 no Type 5 27660
27671 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 Type 5 Stainless steel 14301 27671

Without backwater valve

  Load classNominal size (DN)Odour trapBackwater protectionCover materialLocking Item no.  
29102 100 included 29102
29103 100 included 29103
29131 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 included Polymer 29131
29141 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 included Stainless steel 14301 29141

The Universal basement drain

With backwater valve

  Load classNominal size (DN)Odour trapBackwater protectionCover material Item no.  
27600 100 included Type 5 27600
27611 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 included Type 5 Polymer 27611
27621 K 3 (EN 1253-1) 100 included Type 5 Stainless steel 14301 27621

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

Individual solutions