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Universal Plus basement drain

ver., black, Backw.valve, Waterpr.concr.

KESSEL Universal Plus basement drain, black, odour trap, backwater protection Type 5, socket vertical, 2 mechanical backwater flaps, installation depth 293 - 350 mm, yes, waterproof Pre-assembled at the factory, floor slab installation, sustainable through the use of recycled material

  • Sustainable due to use of recycled material
  • Inlets above the floor slab, no penetration required
  • Vertical outlet for easy installation and easy access to the main drainage pipe
Item no. 27631
GTIN 4026092096864
Price group 10

    Universal Plus basement drain ver., black, Backw.valve, Waterpr.concr.
    The polymer Universal Plus basement drain is used for drainage of non-faecal wastewater and is equipped with a removable backwater valve with two backwater flaps and a one hand-lockable emergency closure. Including temporary protective cover. The drain is pressure-waterproof up to 0.6 bar (MFPA Leipzig tested) and radon-tight (IAF Radioökologie GmbH tested). Variant Contents of sludge trap: yes Emergency closure: yes Waterproof flange: Pre-assembled at the factory Sealing water height: 60 mm Discharge rate (l/s) with 10 mm backwater: 1,4 Discharge rate (l/s) with 20 mm backwater: 1,9 Mechanical backwater flaps: 2 General characteristics Colour: black Standard: EN 1253 Nominal size (DN): 100 Type of wastewater: without sewage Installation situation: floor slab installation Backwater protection: Type 5 Dimensions Net weight: 3,21 kg Gross weight: 3,62 kg Diameter: 295 mm Cutout dimension, width: 310 mm Cutout dimension, length: 310 mm Vertical installation: 23 - 80 Installation depth: 293 - 350 mm Vertical adjustment: vertically adjustable upper section Height: 270 mm Packaging dimension: length: 344 mm Packaging dimension: width: 344 mm Packaging dimension: height: 353 mm Tank/drain body System: vertical Coverage features Type of cover: Slotted cover Cover material: Polymer Colour of cover: black Width of cover: 200 mm Height of cover: 25 mm Length of cover: 200 mm Load class: K 3 (EN 1253-1) Contents of sludge trap: yes
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      Title Item no.  
      Title Item no.  
    Anti-rat protection Insert made of stainless steel 27609 Show
    Extension section Pressure sealing flange, Mating flange 48958 Show
    Extension section System 200, H: 175 mm 48988 Show
      Title Item no.  
    Double flap backwater valve 27603 Show
    Sludge basket, polymer 27604 Show
    Slotted grid black, 188x188mm, cl. K3 27613 Show
    Universal Plus basement drain vert., backwater valve, Waterpr.concr. 27650 Show
    Upper section black, 100mm 27714 Show
    Upper section Black slotted cover, 200 x 200 mm, K 3 48964 Show
    Seal for basement drain System 200, D: 175 mm 681036 Show
    • Nominal size (DN) (nennweite): 100
    • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Polymer
    • Installation situation (einbausituation): floor slab installation
    • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): without sewage
    • System (stutzen_ausfuehrung): vertical
    • Load class (belastungsklasse): K 3 (EN 1253-1)
    • Backwater protection (rueckstauschutz): Type 5
    • (verriegelung):
    • Odour trap (geruchsverschluss):
    • (wu-flansch):