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Bifena secondary grease treatment

The natural solution for biological grease treatment.

When a grease separator alone is not enough: If a grease separator is used, the wastewater at the outlet has a residual value of lipophilic substances of approx. 300 mg/L. If the municipalities require a limit value of below 300 mg/L, biological grease treatment with a Bifena unit is needed. It removes residual grease from the wastewater with the help of bacteria.

Bifena units are available for exposed installation and for underground installation. The individual dimensioning is based on a wastewater sample analysis to determine what additional treatment measures need to be taken to meet local wastewater limits. Please get in touch with us  –  we will be happy to advise you and develop an individual solution for your specific requirements.

Not found the right product?

At the request of the customer,we develop individual solutions for specific form, function and dimensioning requirements. 

Individual solutions