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Engineering system chambers

Robust yet lightweight.

Our standard-compliant engineering chambers are made entirely of durable polymer and are suitable both for underground installation or installation in concrete. They are resistant to groundwater up to 3 metres and can be built up to a height of five metres with a modular design. The light weight of the polymer chamber makes them particularly easy to install.

Our engineering chambers are available with an access opening of 600 or 800 millimetres in diameter. In addition, numerous upper sections are available for various applications. They can be adjusted infinitely in terms of height and are rotatable and tiltable, which makes them ideal for adaptation to the ground level.

Advantages  Article overview


Our engineering chambers are made of unbreakable, impact-resistant polymer. In addition, they are permanently leak-proof and root-resistant. In addition to the statutory provision, we provide a 20-year warranty with regard to tightness, fitness for purpose and the structural safety of tanks and upper sections.


Easy installation thanks to the low weight of the chamber parts and variable upper sections for adaptation to the ground level.