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EasyOil ground oil/fuel separator

System B

Effective against light liquids: EasyOil is used to protect water bodies and sewer systems against contamination from mineral oil – i.e. anywhere that light liquids are used, such as in petrol stations, car washes, vehicle repair garages and industry.

The EasyOil ground is available as a System B oil/fuel separator (formerly class II), in nominal sizes NS 1.5 to NS 20 for underground installation.

Advantages  Article overview

Emergency brake

The EasyOil  is equipped with a standard self-actuated closure lock / leak barrier. This emergency brake prevents the leakage of light liquids into the sewer pipe.

Vertically adjustable upper section

The vertically adjustable upper section of the EasyOil is continuously height-adjustable and tiltable by 5° – for optimum adaptation to the ground level and to compensate for settling of the flooring.


EasyOil is the first series of polymer coalescence and oil/fuel separator systems with national technical approval on the German market. The polyethylene material used is also resistant to bioethanol (E10) and biodiesel – and therefore particularly durable. In addition to the statutory provision, we provide a 20-year warranty with regard to the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural safety of tanks and upper sections.


The SonicControl automatic layer thickness measuring device with ultrasonic sensor undertakes the precise monitoring and reporting of the oil and sludge layer thickness in coalescence and oil/fuel separators. Owners/operating companies can verify their actual volumes of light liquids to the relevant authorities and optimise the necessary disposal cycles outside the standard requirements if necessary.

EasyOil ground oil/fuel separator NS 3-20

Load class: B 125 (EN 124)

Installation depth Nominal size (NS) Item no.
99403.10BEX 840  MMT 3 99403.10BEX
99606.30BEX 850  MMT 6 99606.30BEX
99606.80BEX 870  MMT 6 99606.80BEX
99610.15BEX 840  MMT 10 99610.15BEX
99610.30BEX 850  MMT 10 99610.30BEX
99610.80BEX 870  MMT 10 99610.80BEX
99615.80BEX 870  MMT 15 99615.80BEX
99620.80BEX - 20 99620.80BEX

Load class: D 400 (EN 124)

Installation depth Nominal size (NS) Item no.
99403.10DEX 840  MMT 3 99403.10DEX
99606.30DEX 850  MMT 6 99606.30DEX
99606.80DEX 870  MMT 6 99606.80DEX
99610.15DEX 840  MMT 10 99610.15DEX
99610.30DEX 850  MMT 10 99610.30DEX
99610.80DEX 870  MMT 10 99610.80DEX
99615.80DEX 870  MMT 15 99615.80DEX
99620.80DEX - 20 99620.80DEX

EasyOil ground oil/fuel separator NS 1,5

Load class: B 125 (EN 124)

Installation depth Nominal size (NS) Item no.
99601.002B 231  MMT 1.5 99601.002B
99601.016B 518  MMT 1.5 99601.016B

Load class: D 400 (EN 124)

Installation depth Nominal size (NS) Item no.
99601.016D 518  MMT 1.5 99601.016D
99601.041D 570  MMT 1.5 99601.041D

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In addition to our standard grease separators we also develop individual solutions on request for special requirements in terms of form, function and dimensioning. 

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