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Staufix Ø 50 / 75 backwater valve

The standard-compliant solution in the nominal size of DN 50 or DN 70

The Staufix Ø 50 or Staufix Ø 75 can be used to easily protect individual drainage points such as washbasins, showers or washing machines in rooms below the backwater level against backwater. The Staufix Ø 50 or Ø 75 is installed in the horizontal drainage pipe and can also protect several drainage points.

Thanks to the standard-compliant sizing, they are a guaranteed fit in existing installations, regardless of the manufacturer.

Advantages  Article overview


Areas of application

The backwater valves are versatile in use: They can be installed to provide individual protection for washbasins, showers or washing machines or as a central backwater protection in horizontal drainage pipes.


The Staufix Ø 50 and Staufix Ø 75 small backwater valves are each equipped with two flaps and an emergency closure – and the first standard-compliant backwater double valves for wastewater without sewage according to EN 13564 Type 2. 

Tool-free maintenance

The maintenance and cleaning of the backwater valves is particularly convenient and possible without any tools whatsoever thanks to the quick-release closure.

Staufix Ø 50 / 75 backwater valve

  Installation situationNominal size (DN) Item no.  
73050 exposed drainage pipe 50 73050
73070 exposed drainage pipe 70 73070

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In addition to our standardbackwater valves, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request.. 

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