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The Ultraflat bathroom drain

The flat drain for renovation.

Here the name speaks for itself: the Ultraflat is our flattest bathroom drain and is therefore predestined for renovation work in existing buildings. The Ultraflat can be combined with different design covers and provides a flow rate of 0.6 to 1.0 l/s despite its compact size.

The Ultraflat is available in two or three versions: with a minimum installation depth of 63 mm (54 mm up to top of the flange) in the nominal drain sizes DN 40 and DN 50, or with a minimum installation depth of 88 mm (79 mm up to top of the flange) in the nominal drain size DN 50.


Low installation depth

Thanks to its low minimum installation depth of 69 mm – just 54 mm up to the top edge of the flange – the Ultraflat 54 is particularly suitable for barrier-free construction within the scope of renovation projects. But it can of course also be used for new buildings without any problems.

The Ultraflat 79 has an odour trap with a 50 mm sealing water height and is an ultraflat and standard-compliant floor drain with its minimum installation depth of 95 mm – and just 79 mm up to the top of the flange.

A secure waterproofing layer with various waterproofing membranes

Depending on the requirements, the Ultraflat is supplied with either a factory-fitted or loosely packed waterproofing membrane or with a clip flange.

Odour trap

The Ultraflat has a removable odour trap to protect against unpleasant odours from the sewer system. Certain versions can also be optionally equipped with the waterless Multistop odour, foam and rodent stop or the Megastop mechanical odour trap with a water seal. Combined with the Lock & Lift locking and removal device, the Megastop mechanical odour trap can be used as backwater protection up to 0.1 bar.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

Individual solutions