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Pumpfix S basement drain

The special solution with a backwater valve and pump.

Stronger than the backwater: The Pumpfix S is the only basement drain with a backwater valve that pumps against backwater. It normally disposes of wastewater without sewage continuously via the free slope to the sewer – even in the event of a burst water pipe or flooding. Yet it shows its true strength in the event of backwater: The pump then switches on automatically and the Pumpfix S drains reliably, even against the backwater pressure. It is also ideally suited for draining outdoor basement stairs.

The Pumpfix S is available in two versions: a compact version with a polymer cover, which is particularly suitable for renovation projects, and a larger version with numerous connection options and a tileable surface.

Advantages  Article overview

How it works

The Pumpfix S basement drain normally uses the natural slope to the sewer. The continuous disposal of wastewater is also possible in the event of a burst water pipe or flooding. In the event of backwater, the pump switches on automatically and drains reliably, even against the backwater pressure.

Pumpfix S basement drain in normal operation

Normal operation

Pumpfix S basement drain in normal operation


Pumpfix S basement drain disposes of domestic wastewater during a backwater phase

Disposal in the event of backwater

Further connections

In addition to the inlet option via the cover, several horizontal inlets can also be attached, for example, for a shower, washing machine and washbasin (Drilling open the drain body allows connections of up to DN 100 to be fitted, above the compression flange and in the upper section up to DN 70). The Pumpfix S basement drain can therefore also be used as central backwater protection.

Installation in waterproof concrete

The KESSEL sealing set for installation in waterproof concrete ensures reliable protection against ground water. The extension section with a central flange and elastomeric waterproofing membrane enable implementation also in deeper installation situations.

Pumpfix S

  Nominal size (DN)Installation depthPump Item no.  
280451S 100 330  MMT GTF 500 280451S
280451X 100 330  MMT GTF 500 280451X

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