Hybrid lifting station Ecolift XL

The powerful version for commercial applications and multi-family homes

The Ecolift XL is a larger and more powerful version of the Ecolift. The hybrid lifting station is, therefore, ideal for commercial buildings and multi-family homes.

With a power rating of up to 4.5 kW, the Ecolift XL can reliably pump the wastewater away even working against the backwater pressure. Up to two motor-driven closure systems provide the closure to the sewer. However, this is only necessary in the event of backwater. In normal operation, it does not pump and instead makes use of the natural gradient.

The Ecolift XL is installed exposed or in an underground engineering chamber. It is available with various pump performance classes, some for a 230 V connection, some for 400 V. The variants with one motor-driven closure system are suitable for grey water and those with two for black water.


Direct drainage

Hybrid lifting stations use direct drainage, the natural slope to the sewer. Wastewater is only disposed of by a pump in the event of backwater. This direct route is economical, safe and quiet because hybrid lifting stations work most of the time without power and always without interruptions in operation. They have significantly lower pump wear and only make pump noise in an emergency.

Sustainability confirmed by experts

The Ecolift's energy consumption is 90% lower compared to conventional lifting stations and at the same time higher operational reliability is also convincing for sustainability experts: At the DGNB Sustainability Challenge, the annual prize competition run by the German Society for Sustainable Building, our hybrid lifting station was ranked among the top 3 product and service innovations of the year. This confirms to us that the “direct route” is the right one!


The Ecolift XL not only has particularly powerful pumps but also has up to two motor-driven closure systems, which ensure a reliable separation between the sewer and the building in the event of backwater. The pneumatic level measurement and an alarm sensor guarantees additional safety.

Flexible installation

Thanks to the modular construction and the large selection of chamber modules and upper sections, the Ecolift XL can be installed exposed, underground or also in concrete. The modules are groundwater-resistant to a depth of 3,000 mm.