Staufix FKA backwater valve

The reliable solution for wastewater with sewage.

Particularly reliable motor operation: In contrast to conventional backwater valves, the Staufix FKA achieves the sealing with the help of a motor. This means that it is also suitable for wastewater containing sewage – not only for showers, washbasins and washing machines, but also for toilets.

Staufix FKA is available in two versions – for installation in an exposed drainage pipe and for floor slab installation, where you can choose between a black cover or tileable cover.


How it works

During normal operations, both flaps are open so that all the wastewater can drain away fully. In the event of backwater from the sewer, the valve is locked by a motor and then opened again automatically afterwards.

Functional diagram for the Staufix FKA automatic backwater valve: normal operation

Normal operation

Drainage through a natural slope.

Functional diagram for the Staufix FKA automatic backwater valve: in the event of backwater

In the event of backwater

Closed flap prevents water ingress

Installation kit for the floor slab

The backwater valve is available for floor slab installation and can also be installed in waterproof concrete by using an extension piece with central flange and an elastomer waterproofing membrane. The integrated drainage function ensures that any surface water that arises, for example due to a pipe break, will be pumped into the sewer despite there being backwater.

Self-diagnosis system

The system has a plug-in ready Comfort control unit with the SDS self-diagnosis system, a display for showing the operating status and maintenance information as well as a connection option for centralised control systems. It can be connected without the need for an electrician.

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In addition to our standardbackwater valves, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request.. 

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