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Lifting station Aqualift L

The attractive solution for residential properties & small businesses.

Lightweight, compact and inexpensive: the lifting station Aqualift L is the complete solution for domestic and light commercial applications – top quality made in Germany meets with an excellent cost-performance ratio. The system plays out its strengths in new builds as well as in renovations. The pump with a multi-vane, anti-block vortex impeller offers high efficiency with quiet operation. The Aqualift L is available as a Mono and Duo system with a voltage of either 230 volts or 400 volts.

Lifting station Aqualift L Tronic Mono, 230 V, SPF 1300
Lifting station Aqualift L Tronic Mono, 400 V, SPF 2000
Lifting station Aqualift L Duo, 230 V
Lifting station Aqualift L Duo, 400 V

Application possibilities

The lifting stations Aqualift L can be used in both single-family homes and apartment buildings and are always an inexpensive alternative made in Germany.

The Aqualift L Mono can be installed cost-effectively in the basement of a detached house.

The Duo version of the Aqualift L ensures reliable drainage in apartment buildings.

Clearly structured & readily available:

The models

The Aqualift L is available in a total of four different versions, covering most applications.

Lightweight & compact:

The tank

The light weight and compact dimensions of the Aqualift L are advantageous from transport to installation and operation. The base of the tank is cleverly shaped: it is wedge-shaped. This means that solids flow directly to the pump and the wastewater can be ideally transported away.

Robust & maintenance-friendly:

The level control

The articulated float switch with integrated alarm is precise and requires no adjustment. Two available locations for float switch to prevent incoming wastewater blockages. Float switch easily removed without tools for maintenance purposes.

Flexible & variable:

The connections

Four horizontal and vertical DN 100 (OD 110 mm) inlet connections provide flexibility. Pre-scored areas provide the potential for additional connections up to DN 150 (OD 160 mm).

Effective & practical

The control unit

The control unit continiously monitors the water level, thus ensuring flawless pump operation. 400V systems are also equipped with NFC as standard. Parameters can be easily managed via the APP read out.

Single station

  PumpOperating voltage Item no.  
28798 SPF 1300 230  V 28798
28898 SPF 2900 400  V 28898

Twin pump station

  PumpOperating voltage Item no.  
28797 SPF 1300 230  V 28797
28897 SPF 2900 400  V 28897

Installation video

Mounted step by step

Combined know-how

Documents to download

The most important information combined in one format: Download the product brochure now with all the relevant information.

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Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard lifting stations, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request. 

Individual solutions