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Aquapump Small pumping station

The economical solution for private households

When it comes to the disposal of wastewater outdoors, the Aquapump Small pumping station is the economical solution for detached and semi-detached houses. It offers modern “made in Germany” technology in a compact tank at an unbeatable price.

The Aquapump Small pumping station is available either as a Mono or Duo system with or without a control unit. An optional upper section makes it particularly flexible for underground installation

Advantages  Product overview 

100% waterproof and odour-tight

Like all KESSEL chambers, the tank of the Aquapump Small pumping station is also absolutely waterproof and odour-tight. This is what we stand for with our guarantee that we have voluntarily extended to 20 years.

Suspended pump bearings

The version for faecal-free wastewater has either one or two GTF 600 or GTF 1250 type suspended pumps. The sound decoupling of the tank reduces the noise level during operation. The non-clogging multi-vane vortex impeller with a 30 mm free ball passage provides for added safety.

The version for faecal wastewater works with either one or two STF 1300 type suspended pumps. The diameter of the ball passage is 40 mm.

Pre-scored drilling surfaces

Additional connections for the ventilation pipe, inlet and outlet pipe can be made at the pre-scored drilling surfaces on the side.

Tool-free maintenance

The pump(s) is/are particularly easy to remove and maintain thanks to quick-release closures.

Pumping station Aquapump Small

Type of wastewater: wastewater without sewage

PumpLevel measurement instrumentNumber of pumpsAlarm sensor Item no.
828811 GTF 600 - 2 Float switch 828811
828851 GTF 1250 - 2 Float switch 828851
829810 GTF 600 - 1 -829810
829811 GTF 600 - 1 Float switch 829811
829850 GTF 1250 - 1 -829850
829851 GTF 1250 - 1 Float switch 829851

Type of wastewater: wastewater with sewage

PumpLevel measurement instrumentNumber of pumpsAlarm sensor Item no.
828711 STF 1300 Float switch 2 Float switch 828711
829710 STF 1300 Float switch 2 -829710
829711 STF 1300 - 2 Float switch 829711

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard pumping stations, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request. 

Individual solutions