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Standard backwater chamber

In a monolithic design

A backwater chamber in front of the building offers significant advantages. It enables all drainage points that are at risk of backwater to be safeguarded outside the building at a single central and maintenance-friendly point. Noise nuisance, for example due to pumps or similar, can be ruled out and there is no loss of living space in the building.

The Ø 1,000 mm standard backwater chamber in a monolithic design is made from robust and durable PE polymer. It is waterproof, resistant to aggressive wastewater and can be retrofitted with various backwater protection systems and pumps.

The Ø 1,000 mm backwater chamber is available in heights ranging from 1,180 mm to 3,180 mm and with a nominal drain size of DN 150 or DN 200 (Ø 160 or Ø 200mm).

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The standard option is to install the Staufix SWA, Staufix FKA backwater valves and the Pumpfix F backwater pumping station – and this can even be done subsequently many years later.

Double use

The backwater chamber can simultaneously be used as a transition chamber – with two side inlets for the drainage of the building, roof and yard.


Thanks to its monolithic design using unbreakable, impact-resistant material, the LW 1000 standard backwater chamber is permanently leak-proof and secure against the ingress of roots. In addition, it can also be ideally adapted to the ground level thanks to its variable upper sections.

Standard backwater chamber

Outlet nominal size (DN): 150

Installation depth Inlet nominal size (DN) Item no.
881005-DN150 1,230  MMT 150  MMT 881005-DN150
881505-DN150 1,730  MMT 150  MMT 881505-DN150
882505-DN150 2,730  MMT 150  MMT 882505-DN150
883005-DN150 3,230  MMT 150  MMT 883005-DN150

Outlet nominal size (DN): 200

Installation depth Inlet nominal size (DN) Item no.
881005 1,230  MMT 150  MMT 881005
881505 1,730  MMT 150  MMT 881505
882505 2,730  MMT 150  MMT 882505
883005 3,230  MMT 150  MMT 883005