Lifting station Aqualift S 100 and S 200

Flexible and powerful.

The lifting station Aqualift S 100 and S 200 is the perfect choice for renovations or other installation situations that require an exposed installation. Due to its small installation area, it can also be easily integrated into small rooms by means of retrofitting. Thanks to the one-handed closure that can be operated without tools, maintenance is easy to carry out.

It is available with wastewater tanks in two sizes, as well as different pump capacities. There is also a choice between a single pump with a float or control unit, and two pumps with a control unit. This makes the Aqualift S 100 and S 200 suitable for a wide variety of applications including the drainage of grease separators. If requirements change, the system can be converted from one to two pumps or another pump type at any time.


Wastewater tank

Tanks with a capacity of 100 and 200 l are available for selection. Both tanks fit through standard size doors with an 80 cm wide passage. They can, therefore, be retrofitted into most rooms without any issue.


The Aqualift S 100 and S 200 are equipped with one or two pumps. There are two models to choose from: a 650 watt pump with S1 mode (continuous operation) with a float switch or control unit and a 1.3 kilowatt pump with S3 mode (non-continuous operation) with a control unit. Both pump types convey wastewater without sewage by means of a multi-vane impeller.

Ideal for connection to grease separator systems

The Aqualift S 100 and S 200 Duo with two pumps are ideally suited for applications in which the drainage operation cannot be interrupted. This applies in particular to the drainage of grease separators. The large access cover, which can be opened without tools using one-handed closures, also contributes to the system’s reliability. A further advantage results in combination with a grease separator due to the inlet, which can also be used as a sampling opening. It is, therefore, not necessary to install a separate sampling chamber.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standardlifting stations, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request. 

Individual solutions