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Ecoguss floor drain

The innovative solution for maximum requirements.

An innovation, which sets standards: For our Ecoguss floor/roof drain uses the specially developed composite material of the same name, which combines the specific advantages of polymer and metal. The Ecoguss is therefore an economic and easy to install alternative to drains made of grey iron. At the same time, it offers enormous advantages with regard to hygiene as well as fire protection and sound insulation and is therefore particularly suitable for public buildings such as hotels, hospitals or swimming pools.

The Ecoguss is optionally available with a horizontal or vertical outlet and in different nominal sizes ranging from DN 50 to DN 100.


The best of both worlds: floor drains made of Ecoguss

Resistance, convenience, cleanliness – all these are offered by Ecoguss – our high-tech composite material. This innovative material combines the advantages of polymer and metal: It is three times lighter than cast iron and at the same time temperature-resistant as well as highly resistant to chemical and mechanical stress. In addition, Ecoguss is non-corrosive and extremely hygienic – thanks to its uncoated, smooth surface, which prevents deposits and thus ensures a strong self-cleaning effect.

Highest fire protection standards

In case of fire, water outlets constitute a risk, as the fire can pass through the discharge pipes and spread to other parts of the building. For protection purposes, our drains can be equipped with the Fire-Kit fire and smoke protection insert or the Quick-Fit pipe penetration seal with integrated fire protection. As soon as fire penetrates the drain body, the fire protection compound inside it swells automatically and seals the pipe socket against flames and smoke. Both the Fire-Kit and the Quick-Fit fulfil the highest fire resistance class R 120.

Scientifically confirmed sound insulation effect

The Ecoguss was tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for its sound-proofing effect. The measurements resulted in values of ≥ 16 dB(A) according to DIN 4109 as well as ≥ 14 dB(A) according to VDI 4100 SST III. This means that the Ecoguss has a proven sound-inhibiting effect.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard drains and channels, we also develop customised solutions at the customer's request for special demands in terms of form, function and dimensioning.

Individual solutions