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Ecolift L hybrid lifting station

The high-performance version for new buildings and energy-related renovations

In many installation situations – in both commercial and residential buildings – there is a natural gradient to the sewer. The Ecolift principle uses gravity to drain water without any power consumption. The Ecolift L hybrid lifting station only begins to dispose of the wastewater with the use of a pump and to secure the house against backwater in the event of backwater. It is inexpensive, saves energy and offers the highest level of comfort as pump noise is not heard during normal operation. This makes the Ecolift L the ideal solution for the entire basement drainage system in the case of natural gradients to the sewer system – for new buildings as well as for renovations.

The Ecolift L for free-standing set-up is available in the nominal size DN 150 (Ø 160 mm) as a Mono or Duo system (equipped with one or two pumps). It disposes of the wastewater either with a pressure loop or an integrated bypass system. Other accessories make the handling even more convenient – from the practical wall bracket to the optical alarm sensor.

Ecolift L Duo with a bypass for wastewater with sewage
Ecolift L Duo for wastewater with sewage
Ecolift L Duo with a bypass for wastewater without sewage
Ecolift L Duo for wastewater without sewage

Application possibilities

Reduced costs, less power consumption, less wear: The savings potential of an Ecolift L is impressive on many levels. And the best thing, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are a few examples:


Pump operation only in the event of backwater

The Ecolift L takes advantage of gravity: Due to the natural gradient, it diverts wastewater without consuming electricity. It uses the pumps for wastewater disposal only in the event of backwater. This saves energy and at the same time protects the environment. Perfect for energy-related renovations!


Reliable protection in the event of backwater

The Ecolift L combines the best of both worlds as a lifting station and backwater protection. Good to know: The integrated backwater valve remains functional even in the event of a power failure thanks to the battery backup. This guarantees continuous operation at all times. A self-cleaning effect ensures the permanent removal of dirt. And the integrated self-diagnosis system (SDS) provides information about the current operating state of the system.


The savings potential

We are pleased to show you, using a concrete example, how high the savings potential is with an Ecolift L compared to a classic lifting station. This comparison is based on the total wastewater from the toilet facilities of a railway station with 20 toilets, 6 urinals, 4 showers and 6 washbasins (underground installation, maintenance costs incl. travel, average values).


Easy to use

Assembled plug-in ready, quick to install. Practical shut-off valve. Optional wall bracket for easy access to the hybrid lifting station: The Ecolift L provides extra comfort with its features. However, this applies not only for its installation, but also for its operation. Since the pump only works in the event of backwater, the hybrid lifting station is ultra-quiet when it is running. And the dry set-up of the pumps makes maintenance a clean affair.


Economical to operate

The system is assembled plug-in ready so the installation is simple and quick and no specialist is required for the connection. The ongoing operating costs are low because the pump only runs in the event of backwater. In contrast to a conventional lifting station, maintenance on a hybrid lifting station only needs to be carried out half as often in a commercial operation. And the reduced wear significantly increases its longevity. All this makes the Ecolift L an economical alternative for new buildings and renovations.


Space-saving installation

Particular attention must be paid to the existing structural conditions, especially in the case of energy-related renovations. The Ecolift L for free-standing set-up impresses not only with its compact size, but also with its flexibility.


One or two pumps

A Mono version with a single pump is usually sufficient for private use. However, if it is a commercial property or an apartment building, then uninterrupted operation must be guaranteed at all times. In this case, the Ecolift L is available as a Duo system with two pumps. The highlight of this hybrid lifting station: a second pump can also be retrofitted.

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Combined know-how

Documents to download

The most important information combined in one format: Download the product brochure now with all the relevant information about the Ecolift L hybrid lifting station.



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In addition to our standard hybrid lifting stations, we develop individual solutions for special requirements in terms of form, function and dimensioning at the customer's request. 

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