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Hybrid lifting station Ecolift L

Mono, FKA, exposed, SPF 1350-S3

KESSEL Hybrid lifting station Ecolift L, Abwasser with sewage, exposed drainage pipe, Auslauf DN 150, mit einer überflutbaren SPF 1350 Pumpe, Betriebsart S3 - 50 %, Niveauerfassung pneumatic

  • Hybrid function: uses the natural fall to the sewer - pump is only used in case of backwater
  • Quiet and energy-saving
  • Double safety due to backwater flap and pressure loop
Item no. 22002
GTIN 4026092105801
Price group 20

    Hybrid lifting station Ecolift L Mono, FKA, exposed, SPF 1350-S3
    The alternative to a sewage lifting station. For faecal wastewater, bottom section made of PE-LD, for installation in an exposed drainage pipe, drainage via the gravity pipe to the sewer. Lifting function with one pump or two pumps, only in the event of backwater, the backwater flap can be closed by a motor, with an additional hinged flap. Drainage during the backwater phase takes place via a pressure pipe that can be connected above the backwater level. Including a backflow preventer and shut-off valve for the pressure pipe. Including penetration seals DN 70 for the on-site ventilation pipe Polymer closure system for the drainage pipe for safe closure of the drainage pipe in the event of backwater. Consisting of a hinged flap including an emergency closure (for manual locking if required) and an electrically powered closure mechanism including a probe protected against wire breakage for the detection of backwater. Control unit with an integrated self-diagnosis system (SDS), display of the operating states and integrated battery back-up for alarm signals. User-friendly menu guidance in a multi-line display. With a self-diagnosis system (SDS) and reminder when maintenance is due. Display of the current measured values. Simple adjustment of the function-related parameters, including the operating hour counter and potential-free contact. Optional relaying of alarm and collective error messages via the GSM interface. Control unit with a full text display in six languages. General characteristics Colour: black Type of wastewater: with sewage Installation situation: exposed drainage pipe Inlet max. scoring (DN): Z-53.2-493 Protection class (pump): IP 68 Cable length: 1 m Dimensions Net weight: 39,53 kg Gross weight: 65,25 kg Packaging dimension: width: 775 mm Packaging dimension: height: 640 mm Packaging dimension: length: 855 mm Tank/drain body Pressure pipe connection (DN): 50 Pressure pipe connection (OD): 63 mm Outlet nominal size (DN): 150 Pumping volume: 20 l Wastewater contents Total volume: 66 l Pumping device Pump control: SPF 1350 Number of pumps: 1 Rated current: 6 A Protection class control unit: IP 68 (3m/48h) Max. pumping capacity: 26 m³/h Max. pumping height: 10 m Power P1: 1,35 kW Power P2: 0,86 kW Operating mode: S3 - 50 % Type of fuse required (electrical protection): C 16 A Impeller type: Multi-vane impeller Free passage: 40 mm Control Level measurement instrument: Immersion pipe Type of level measurement: pneumatic Mains frequency: 50 Hz Operating voltage: 230 V Max. permissible switching frequency: Comfort
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      Title Item no.  
    Wall bracket for Ecolift L 22200 Show
    Conversion kit for second pump 22201 Show
    Active carbon filter for DN 70 22202 Show
    Level sensor  for Ecolift L 22203 Show
    Conversion kit for Ecolift L Bypass 22204 Show
    Visual alarm generator for Ecolift L 22205 Show
      Title Item no.  
    Lockable cover for Ecolift L FKA 681155 Show
    Outlet socket for Ecolift L 681157 Show
    Fixing set with bracket and screws 681158 Show
    Active carbon filter incl. housing 681159 Show
    Active carbon filter without housing 681160 Show
    Pump with cable and swivel connection 681161 Show
    Y-pipe with flap housing 681162 Show
    Locking for flap housing 681163 Show
    Immersion pipe incl. sealing cap, 5 m hose 681164 Show
    Pressure pipe connection for outlet sockets 681165 Show
    One-handed closure for alarm generator 681166 Show
    Shut-off valve for pressure pipe OD 63 681167 Show
    • Max. permissible switching frequency (schaltgeraet): Comfort
    • Installation situation (einbausituation): exposed drainage pipe
    • Pump control (pumpe): SPF 1350
    • Number of pumps (anzahl_pumpen): 1
    • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): with sewage