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Hybrid lifting stations

Everything that experts need to know

Pumps only when it is necessary: the hybrid lifting station

Whenever there is a gradient from the drainage points to the sewer, a hybrid lifting station can be used as a backwater protection system. In normal operation, it uses gravity to drain water without any power consumption. Only in the event of backwater does it begin to pump the wastewater into the backwater loop, or directly back into the pipe down stream of the unit, so that the connected drainage elements can continue to be used.

At the same time, the integrated backwater valve prevents the ingress of water from the sewer into the building. Hybrid lifting stations therefore combine environmental friendliness and maximum efficiency with the advantages of a lifting station.

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Operating conditions of a hybrid lifting station

Hybrid lifting station in normal operation

Normal operation

Drainage through a natural gradient

Hybrid lifting station in the event of backwater

Backwater protection

Backwater valve prevents the ingress of water

Hybrid lifting station for drainage in the event of backwater

Drainage in the event of backwater

With a pump through the backwater loop, or directly back into the pipe down stream of the unit.

Functional video of hybrid lifting stations

Clear advantages with hybrid technology

In comparison to conventional lifting stations, hybrid lifting stations offer some valuable advantages:

Economical operation

Environmental friendliness and efficiency

Since hybrid lifting stations only pump in exceptional cases, they are more environmentally friendly, cheaper to operate and require less maintenance than other lifting stations. 

Quiet operation

Minimal noise emissions

A hybrid lifting station makes no noise in normal operation – ideal for rooms thatare often used by people. 

Low power consumption

Uninterrupted operation

Drainage can take place safely with a hybrid lifting station, even in the event of a power failure. The integrated backwater valve remains functional thanks to the backup battery.