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OEM solutions

Are you looking for a reliable partner who will develop high-quality drainage technology for your brand and product ranges? As an OEM manufacturer, we offer you access to the expertise of KESSEL.

Your engineering and production service for drainage technology

With our OEM solutions, you can expand your brand's range with KESSEL-quality drainage products without having to build up your own economic capacities. Our services range from product development to range production and delivery.

Attention: If you do not require range production, but need a single customised product, please go to the "Individual solutions" page.

To the Individual solutions


Your drainage products are state-of-the-art

We draw on decades of experience in the development of innovative drainage technology to design products for your individual requirements. As specialists in our field, we promise you convincing, technically sophisticated solutions in all aspects instead of average off-the-shelf solutions.


Highest manufacturing quality from small to large ranges.

We produce your drainage products in the same production facilities in which we also manufacture our own range. This means that your contract manufacturing is subject to our lean management, the strictest quality standards and inspections conducted by of our excellently trained employees. It is also virtually independent of external factors as we internally map the entire value chain from toolmaking to final assembly, with the exception of the supply of raw materials.


Storage and delivery to suit your requirements 

We keep the required quantity of your drainage products to suit your wishes in our state-of-the-art, intelligently controlled warehouse, so that they can be delivered immediately and produced again if required. Alternatively, you will receive your products directly on the desired date.

Your options with OEM products from KESSEL

Standard-compliant drain technology for building and property drainage

In addition to conventional screed floors, rigid foam shower elements made of XPS and EPS have also become established on the market for several years. We offer standard-compliant drain technology for all cases and, if necessary, develop a suitable flange solution for your shower element together with you.

Weather-resistant installation of sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology in outdoor areas

We offer polymer tanks and chambers for the installation of pumps, geothermal energy, control valves or comprehensive system solutions. Polyethylene, a highly resistant material, is ideally suited for these outdoor applications. With extensive accessories, we produce the tanks to suit your requirements and wishes.

Tailor-made pump technology for all cases

Whether in a new building or renovation: Pumps and system solutions are used wherever wastewater or rainwater has to be lifted. We use our know-how to develop the concept for your lifting station or pumping station together with you and implement it with our production options.

Retention of grease and light liquids when required

Systems for separating grease and light liquids actively contribute to environmental protection. We develop and produce separator systems in any shape and size not only for shipbuilding, but also for commercial use. We meet all requirements regarding tank volume, durability and potential areas of application in the process.

Reliable protection against flooding

If buildings, land or systems are not protected from backwater, flooding is possible. If you need backwater valves for industrial systems and applications such as collection tanks, small-scale sewage treatment plants or light shafts, we can offer you suitable solutions for this.

Your benefits

Choose KESSEL as your OEM solution provider for drainage technology and enjoy the numerous advantages of working with a medium-sized German company that is a leader in their technological field!

We develop and produce your drainage products at our production site in Lenting near Ingolstadt.

Our entire value chain follows lean management principles. This enables us to develop, manufacture and deliver your drainage products quickly and cost-effectively.

We guarantee the consistently high production quality of your drainage products with our ISO-9001 certified quality management system that we are continually developing.

As we are not a pure OEM manufacturer, we do not depend on high purchase quantities – but can of course also provide these. From dozens to thousands of products, everything is possible!

Thanks to our highly automated production control and logistics, you can always be confident that your drainage products will be delivered on time.

We commit not only ourselves, but also our suppliers to sustainability in terms of environmental protection, material quality and working conditions. So you can be sure that your drainage products meet the highest ethical standards.

Our aspiration is to provide the best service in the industry – including for our OEM customers. Our customer service team is at your disposal at all times to support you in all matters relating to your drainage products.

Our OEM solutions are in no way inferior to our own sales products. This is why your drainage products are of course covered by our lifetime spare parts guarantee and the 30-year warranty on the durability of the polyethylene material.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

You are looking for an OEM solution provider for drainage technology? We will work with you to develop an offer that will suit your requirements. We are the right partner for you – from the individual solution proposal with a design drawing to a commercial offer for production and delivery.

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