Pumpfix F backwater pumping station

The unique backwater solution.

More than a backwater valve: Pumpfix F is the only backwater valve that pumps against the backwater. In normal operation, the backwater pumping station continuously disposes of the wastewater via the slope to the sewer, making it energy-neutral. In the event of backwater, the backwater flap closes automatically and when wastewater arises this is pumped against the backwater pressure. The integrated cutting wheel shreds solids and so the Pumpfix F is also suitable for use wastewater containing sewage. It can also drain basement staircases up to 5 m².

Pumpfix F is available in two versions – for installation in an exposed drainage pipe and for floor slab installation, where you can choose between a black cover or tileable cover.


How it works

Pumpfix F is the only backwater valve with a hybrid function: In normal operation it uses the natural slope to the sewer. In the event of backwater from the sewer, the pump is automatically switched on in order to reliably drain against the backwater pressure.

Functional diagram for the Pumpfix F pumping station: 1. Normal operation

Normal operation

Normally, wastewater runs via the natural slope to the sewer.

Functional diagram for the Pumpfix F pumping station: 2. Backwater

Backwater protection

Backwater flap is closed.

Functional diagram for the Pumpfix F pumping station: 3. Disposal in the event of backwater


Wastewater disposal during the backwater phase.

Installation kit for the floor slab

The backwater valve is available for floor slab installation and can also be installed in waterproof concrete by using an extension piece with central flange and an elastomer waterproofing membrane. The integrated drainage function ensures that any surface water that arises, for example due to a pipe break, will be pumped into the sewer despite there being backwater.

Self-diagnosis system

The system has a plug-in ready Comfort control unit with the SDS self-diagnosis system, a display for showing the operating status and maintenance information as well as a connection option for centralised control systems. It can be connected without the need for an electrician.

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In addition to our standardbackwater valves, we develop individual solutions for special requirements – in terms of form, function and dimensioning – at the customer's request.. 

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