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EasyOil free coalescence separator

The exposed installation for wastewater with light liquids.

Bodies of water and sewer systems must be reliably protected from contamination with mineral oil. However, a coalescence separator cannot always be installed in the ground. The reason for this can be an inlet that is too deep below the ground level or a high groundwater pressure, which prevents the installation of a cistern in the ground. This can be the case, for example, in underground car parks or in the basement of multi-storey car parks. 

The EasyOil free was developed for these specific requirements: the space-saving alternative for exposed installation. This model is available in nominal sizes 3 and 6. 


Space-saving and modular design

As the EasyOil free needs only a small installation area, it is ideally suitable for many rooms. Its modular design is an advantage: Its dismantled individual components can be taken to the place of installation. 

Polyethylene material

The  EasyOil free is made of polyethylene. This material is resistant and durable. Beyond the statutory provision, we offer a 20-year warranty with on the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural stability of tanks and upper sections. 


The SonicControl automatic layer thickness measuring device with ultrasonic sensor undertakes the precise monitoring and reporting of the oil and sludge layer thickness in coalescence and oil/fuel separators. Owners/operating companies can verify their actual volumes of light liquids to the relevant authorities and optimise the necessary disposal cycles outside the standard requirements if necessary.