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Ecolift XL backwater lifting st.

Duo, 1 motor flap, SPF 1500-S1, Taper

KESSEL Ecolift XL backwater lifting st., wastewater without sewage, underground installation, duo pump, with 2 submersible SPF 1500 pumps, operating mode S1, alarm generator with optical probe, control unit Comfort Plus, Version with lowest installation height

  • Wastewater drainage without interruption, even if a power failure occurs, as long as there is no backwater
  • low pump use
  • minimised noise emissions
Item no. 8741065
GTIN 4026092070741
Price group 60

Ecolift XL backwater lifting st. Duo, 1 motor flap, SPF 1500-S1, Taper
The backwater lifting station for non-faecal wastewater is equipped with two submersible pumps, one motor-driven and one mechanical closure system and a backflow preventer. The collection tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) has an enclosed pump tank. Quick-release closures enable the integrated components to be removed easily. Normally, draining takes place via the natural fall to the sewer. Backwater is detected by an optical probe, which causes the motor-driven closure system to close automatically and there is no longer free passage to the sewer. During the backwater phase, the water drains via a pressure pipe, which carries the wastewater into the sewer. The pressure pipe is a welded PE pipe; with pump SPF 4500, the pressure pipe must also be continued up to a pressure release chamber. The station is controlled by a user-friendly control unit, which is optionally integrated in the building management system via a potential-free contact, or alarm and collective fault messages can be output via a GSM interface. The KESSEL modular system provides different upper sections and engineering chamber options as accessories. Variant Note on installation depth: Version with lowest installation height Type of system: duo pump Shut-off valve: Shut-off valve made of polymer Passage seal for conduit pipe (DN): 100 Passage seal for ventilation pipe (DN): 70 Pump control: Control unit Backflow preventer: integrated Pressure pipe connection: horizontal Motor-driven backwater flaps: 1 Mechanical backwater flaps: 1 General characteristics Colour: black Standard: ÖNORM B 2501 Type of wastewater: without sewage Installation situation: underground installation Delivery state: Pre-mounted for final assembly on site (pumps and sensor system must be fitted on site and control unit must be connected) Backwater protection: Type 3 Approval: Z-53.2-493 Dimensions Net weight: 161 kg Gross weight: 185 kg Groundwater resistant from lower edge of base section: 3000 mm Vertical drop between inlet and outlet: 15 mm Length: 1379 mm Width: 1200 mm Height: 785 mm Packaging dimension: length: 2000 mm Packaging dimension: width: 1300 mm Packaging dimension: height: 950 mm Tank/drain body Nominal pressure (PN): 10 Pressure pipe connection (DN): 80 Pressure pipe connection (OD): 90 mm Channel: continuous channel Venting connection (DN): 70 Distance pipe bottom outlet to tank bottom: 120 mm Distance pipe bottom inlet to tank bottom: 135 mm Distance from inlet pipe invert to top of tank: 645 mm Number of outlets: 1 Outlet nominal size (DN): 150 mm Inlet nominal size (DN): 150 mm Number of inlets: 1 Clear width of tank (LW): 1000 mm Clear width of entry (LW): 800 mm Pumping volume: 20 l Tank volume: 65 l Pumping device Pump: SPF 1500 Number of pumps: 2 Weight, pump: 27 kg Connection type: Direct connection Rated current: 2,7 A Length of mains cable for pump: 10 m Protection class: I Insulation class: F Cos phi - power factor: 0,77 Protection class (pump): IP 68 (3m/48h) Temperature monitoring: integrated Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C Max. pumping capacity: 28 m³/h Max. pumping height: 7,5 m Speed: 1415 U/min Power P1: 1,4 kW Power P2: 1,1 kW Operating mode: S1 Type of fuse required (electrical protection): 3 x C 16 A Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 7G 1.5 mm² Impeller type: Multi-vane impeller Free passage: 40 mm Control Control unit: Comfort Plus Motor protection switch: yes Standby power: 5 W Alarm sensor: optical probe Level measurement instrument: Immersion pipe Type of level measurement: pneumatic Protection class control unit: IP 54 Operating voltage: 400 V Connection type: Direct connection Potential-free contact: yes GSM interface: yes USB interface: yes Log book function: yes Multi-line display: yes Battery buffering: yes Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes Rated current: 2,7 A
  Title Item no.  
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Class K 3, tileable 8740175 Show
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Cl K 3 with waterproof flange 8740176 Show
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Class A/L15 8740177 Show
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Class A/L15 w. waterproof flange 8740178 Show
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Class B 8740179 Show
Upper section Square cover plate, LW 800, Class D 8740180 Show
Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Cl K 3 8740181 Show
  Title Item no.  
  Title Item no.  
Remote signal generator 20 m cable, 2x0.75 q 20162 Show
Compressor set for air bubbling 28048 Show
TeleControl GSM modem for Comfort control units 230V/400V 28792 Show
Cable accessories 80889 Show
Cable accessories 80890 Show
Cable accessories 80891 Show
Installation set Thermostat, Hygrostat 97713 Show
Outdoor Cabinet W: 590 mm,for installation control units 97714 Show
Warning beacon for outdoor cabinet 97715 Show
Outdoor Cabinet W: 460 mm, for installation control unit 97716 Show
Outdoor cabinet W: 785 mm, for control unit installation 97723 Show
Outdoor Cabinet 97724 Show
  Title Item no.  
Splash guard set for optical probe 28706 Show
Contr.unit Comfort Plus 400V (2x)2,5-4A 28786 Show
Battery 9 V block 680034 Show
Seal for SPF 1400 - SPF 4500 680052 Show
Pressure hose Sold by the metre, 6x4 mm 100 680071 Show
Flap holder for motor-driven and mechanical flap 680101 Show
One-handed closure DN 63 680380 Show
Backflow preventer left, with non-return flap 680381 Show
Backflow preventer right, with non-return flap 680382 Show
Valve key for shut-off valve DN 63 680386 Show
Ecolift XL lockable cover Outlet side 680391 Show
Pump flange Ecolift XL, incl. seal 680398 Show
Pump plate Ecolift XL 680399 Show
Pressure hose DN 63, L: 367 mm 680400 Show
Pressure pipe with shut-off valve left-hand version, angled 680401 Show
Pressure pipe with shut-off valve right-hand version, angled 680402 Show
Support rib for shut-off valve, slanted support 680403 Show
Seal set Ecolift XL 680418 Show
Pump drive SPF 1500 400 V, S1, 10 m cable 680445 Show
Drive motor for clamping on, 10 m cable 680452 Show
Spare part set, optical probe 10 m cable 680455 Show
Immersion pipe for Ecolift XL, 180 mm 680827 Show
Motor-driven backwater flap Premium 80038 Show
Slide-in flap housing for motorised flap with flap holder 80039 Show
Slide-in flap housing with mechanical flap, flap holder 80041 Show
  • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): without sewage
  • Control unit (schaltgeraet): Comfort Plus
  • TÜV test mark (pruefzeichen): ID 1111241794
  • Installation situation (einbausituation): underground installation
  • (nennweite):
  • Pump (pumpe): SPF 1500
  • Operating voltage (betriebsspannung): 400  V