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Chamber module LW 1000 floor slab

Access LW 800, 1146-1395 mm, Class A 15

KESSEL Chamber module LW 1000 floor slab, underground installation, installation depth 1146 - 1395 mm, clear width of entry (LW) 800 mm, load class A 15

  • For modular assembly with simple connection segments and intermediate sections 250 and 500 mm high
  • Innovative honeycomb structure
  • Installation in groundwater up to 3000 mm
Item no. 8740022
GTIN 4026092065372
Price group 60

    Chamber module LW 1000 floor slab Access LW 800, 1146-1395 mm, Class A 15
    The chamber module for wet or dry installation is equipped with fitted access steps in accordance with DIN EN 13101 and BGR 177, all the necessary seals and connecting wedges as well as a taper with vertically adjustable upper section. The intermediate sections made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) have universal connection possibilities. Thanks to the modular KESSEL system, the design can be flexibly combined with intermediate sections, taper, upper section and cover. General characteristics Colour: black Material: PE-HD Standard: EN 13598-2 Installation situation: underground installation Delivery state: Partly for on-site assembly (access steps have been pre-mounted in the factory) Approval: Z-42.1-527 Dimensions Net weight: 119,5 kg Gross weight: 136 kg Groundwater resistant from lower edge of base section: 3000 mm Installation depth: 1146 - 1395 mm Vertical adjustment: vertically adjustable upper section Length: 1200 mm Width: 1200 mm Packaging dimension: length: 1200 mm Packaging dimension: width: 1200 mm Packaging dimension: height: 2200 mm Tank/drain body Inlet max. scoring (DN): 150 mm Clear width of tank (LW): 1000 mm Clear width of entry (LW): 800 mm Coverage features Type of cover: Rectangular cover plate Cover material: Stainless steel Width of cover: 950 mm Height of cover: 44 mm Length of cover: 950 mm Surface: anti-slip Locking: screwed Load class: A 15 (EN 124) Tightness: surface water resistant
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    Seal for intermediate section 680125 Show
    Intermediate section 250 mm, for chamber module LW 1000 680370 Show
    Intermediate section 500 mm, for chamber module LW 1000 680371 Show
    Connecting bolt set Set of 10 680373 Show
    Access steps for chamber module 680376 Show
    Chamber taper LW 800 chamber module access 680430 Show
    Seal for pipe penetration, DN 70 850116 Show
    Seal for pipe penetration, DN 100 850117 Show
    Upper section with cover plate LW 800, Class A/L15 8740177 Show
    • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Stainless steel
    • Installation situation (einbausituation): underground installation
    • External monitoring (fremdueberwachung): SKZ
    • Type of cover (abdeckungsart): Rectangular cover plate
    • Load class (belastungsklasse): A 15 (EN 124)
    • Installation depth (einbautiefe): 1,146  mm
    • Gross weight (gewicht_brutto): 136  kg
    • Surface (oberflaeche): anti-slip