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KESSEL-Grease separator EasyClean free
NS 7, Mix, Inspection window

KESSEL-Grease separator EasyClean free NS 7, Mix, Inspection window
The separator for greasy wastewater is suitable for free-standing set-up in frost-protected rooms and comes without metallic components in the tank. The collecting tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) is equipped with an integrated sludge trap and has a tapered base for fast and clean disposal. Two odour-tight covers with quick-release closures make easy access possible for cleaning and maintenance work.

The innovative Shredder-Mix-System with integrated macerating system is responsible for homogenising and circulating the tank contents. Cleaning is carried out by an exterior pump which can be disconnected from the tank by a shut-off valve. After disposal, a maximum of 3 litres residual sludge volume is left in the tank. A direct disposal pipe socket is available for odour-neutral manual disposal.

20 year polyethylene warranty.

Shut-off valve: yes
Type of disposal: manual cleaning system
Disposal system: Disposal connection
Disposal variant: Mix
Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: yes
Nominal size (NS): 7
Inspection window: yes
Shredder-Mix-System: yes
SonicControl: no
Water supply: 1 screw-type valve 1"
Load-bearing capacity (DIN 19901): F3

Scope of delivery: Storz-B coupling R 2 1/2" for disposal vehicle connection
Installation situation: free-standing set-up

General characteristics:
Material: PE
Standard: EN 1825: 2004, DIN 4040-100

Set-up area, length: 2,147 mm
Set-up area, width: 1,108 mm
Set-up area, height: 1,892 mm
Required access area, length: 1,910 mm
Required access area, width: 940 mm
Required access area, height: 1,678 mm

Inlet nominal size (DN): 150 mm
Inlet nominal size (OD): 160 mm
Outlet nominal size (DN): 150
Outlet nominal size (OD): 160
Distance pipe bottom inlet to tank bottom: 1,255 mm
Distance pipe bottom outlet to tank bottom: 1,185 mm
Connection inlet/outlet sockets: PE-HD pipes in accordance with DIN 19537, HT pipes in accordance with DIN 19560, PP or AS
Pressure pipe connection (OD): 75 mm
Pressure pipe connection (DN): 65 mm
Nominal pressure (PN): 10

Coverage features:
Type of cover: Cover
Cover material: Polymer
Colour of cover: violet
Tightness: odour-tight
Locking: Quick-release closure

Wastewater contents:
Separator contents: 650 l
Total volume: 1,350 l
Contents of sludge trap: 700 l
Storage quantity of grease: 280 l

Pumping device:
Pump: SPF 300 KE 2.0
Number of pumps: 1
Max. pumping height: 17 m
Max. pumping capacity: 60 m3/h
Operating voltage: 400 V
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Operating mode: S2 - 30 min.
Power P1: 3.6 kW
Power P2: 3 kW
Speed: 2,850 U/min
Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C
Connection type: CEE plug
Weight: 44 kg
Impeller type: Radial impeller with macerating system
Length of mains cable for pump: 5 m
Rated current: 6.2 A
Protection class (pump): IP 55
Protection class: I
Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 7G 1.5 mm2
Temperature monitoring: integrated

Control unit: no
Type of fuse required (RCD): 30 mA

Manufacturer: KESSEL
Article number: 93007.31/DS / GTIN: 4026092068885


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