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KESSEL-Grease separator EasyClean free
NS 25, Auto Mix & Pump

KESSEL-Grease separator EasyClean free NS 25, Auto Mix & Pump
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The separator for greasy wastewater is suitable for free-standing set-up in frost-protected rooms and comes without metallic components in the tank. The collecting tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) is equipped with an integrated sludge trap and has slopes in the tank base for fast and clean disposal. Two odour-tight covers with quick-release closures make easy access possible for cleaning and maintenance work.

The innovative Shredder-Mix-System with integrated macerating system is responsible for homogenising and circulating the tank contents. Cleaning and odour-neutral disposal takes place via an exterior pump with 2-way valve and actuator which can be disconnected from the tank by a shut-off valve.

The fully automatic program run is controlled by a user-friendly control unit with multi-line display that can be integrated into the building management system through a potential-free contact. Cleaning and disposal can be started remotely using the remote control, which is available as an option.

Thanks to the customisable cleaning program with fast-selection function, cleaning can be adapted to the local circumstances as required. Observance of the Drinking Water Hygiene Directive can be guaranteed through the fully automatic rinsing of the drinking water pipes.

20 year polyethylene warranty.

Shut-off valve: yes
Type of disposal: automatic disposal and cleaning system
Disposal system: Disposal pump
Disposal variant: Auto Mix & Pump
Refill inlet in accordance with DIN 1988: yes
Nominal size (NS): 25
Inspection window: yes
Shredder-Mix-System: yes
SonicControl: no
Water supply: 2 solenoid valves 1"
Load-bearing capacity (DIN 19901): F3

Scope of delivery: Storz-B coupling R 2 1/2" for disposal vehicle connection
Installation situation: free-standing set-up

General characteristics:
Material: PE
Standard: EN 1825: 2004, DIN 4040-100

Set-up area, length: 4,760 mm
Set-up area, width: 1,620 mm
Set-up area, height: 1,555 mm
Required access area, length: 4,500 mm
Required access area, width: 1,350 mm
Required access area, height: 1,525 mm

Inlet nominal size (DN): 200 mm
Inlet nominal size (OD): 200 mm
Outlet nominal size (DN): 200
Outlet nominal size (OD): 200
Distance pipe bottom inlet to tank bottom: 1,100 mm
Distance pipe bottom outlet to tank bottom: 1,030 mm
Connection inlet/outlet sockets: PE-HD pipes in accordance with DIN 19537, HT pipes in accordance with DIN 19560, PP or AS
Pressure pipe connection (OD): 75 mm
Pressure pipe connection (DN): 65 mm
Nominal pressure (PN): 10

Coverage features:
Type of cover: Cover
Cover material: Polymer
Colour of cover: black
Tightness: odour-tight
Locking: Quick-release closure

Wastewater contents:
Separator contents: 1,200 l
Total volume: 3,700 l
Contents of sludge trap: 2,500 l
Storage quantity of grease: 1,000 l

Pumping device:
Pump: SPF 300 KE 2.0
Number of pumps: 2
Max. pumping height: 17 m
Max. pumping capacity: 60 m3/h
Operating voltage: 400 V
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Operating mode: S2 - 30 min.
Power P1: 3.6 kW
Power P2: 3 kW
Speed: 2,850 U/min
Type of fuse required (electrical protection): Fuse protection through control unit 400 V
Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C
Connection type: Direct connection
Weight: 44 kg
Impeller type: Radial impeller with macerating system
Length of mains cable for pump: 5 m
Rated current: 6.2 A
Protection class (pump): IP 55
Protection class: I
Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 7G 1.5 mm2
Temperature monitoring: integrated

Control unit: yes
Operating voltage: 400 V
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes
Battery buffering: no
Multi-line display: yes
Log book function: yes
USB interface: yes
GSM interface: no
Potential-free contact: yes
Type of fuse required (electrical protection): C 16 A
Type of fuse required (RCD): 30 mA
Motor protection switch: yes
Protection class control unit: IP 54

Manufacturer: KESSEL
Article number: 93025.01/PVS / GTIN:


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