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Drainage technology for commercial kitchens

Whether a hotel, service area or cafeteria: There is no room for compromise in commercial kitchens. This applies to hygiene as well as planning. Therefore, rely on individual system solutions with KESSEL.

Drainage technology for hotels and restaurants places special demands on planning, installation, maintenance and operation. Wherever food is processed, a lot of greasy wastewater is generated and at the same time the highest hygiene standards apply, so well-thought-out drainage solutions are a must. From safe surface drainage using floor trays to grease separators that are installed above ground or underground, we offer you all the important components for safe and reliable drainage in commercial kitchens.

Everything from a single source

One system – one quality standard that you can rely on. We use individual components to put together drainage solutions tailored to your needs: individually planned, optimally coordinated and efficient in operation.

Spot drainage

Is there a certain place in the kitchen where waste water often or a lot of it accumulates? This is where a floor drain shines with its performance.

Slot and box channels

Regardless of what the structural conditions in the property look like: Our slot and box channels can be individually adapted thanks to various lengths and geometries.

Planning commercial kitchens with KESSEL

What are the requirements of your property in terms of drainage technology? Let's work together to find the perfect solution.

System solutions that are a perfect fit

What is the overall length of the kitchen unit? How many large appliances are planned? Are the areas irregularly shaped so that the channels need to be made in special shapes? Every commercial kitchen is different. That is why we work with you to develop a drainage concept that meets the individual requirements on site.

The right solution for every floor covering

Tiles are laid in the commercial kitchen, a floor coating made of epoxy resin is applied, or is it a renovation? KESSEL always supplies you with the right product. We supply floor drains in various designs – whether with a pressure sealing flange, glued flange or versions with a tile connection angle profile.

The right channel for every door threshold

The legal standard DIN 18534-1 stipulates that water from commercial kitchens must not be allowed to enter adjacent rooms. With slotted channels of stainless steel, you secure the transition area in accordance with the standards. Let's work together to find the right solution that meets all the necessary requirements in terms of fire safety and occupational safety.

Preventive fire protection

If there is a fire, water drains become a risk: The drainage pipes allow the fire to spread to other parts of the building. The Fire-Kit fire and smoke protection insert or the Quick-Fit pipe penetration seal with integrated fire protection actively prevent this. As soon as fire penetrates the drain body, the fire protection compound inside it swells automatically and seals the pipe socket against flames and smoke – for up to two hours (fire resistance class R 120).

Need assistance?

We will be happy to advise you on the drainage planning of your commercial kitchen.