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Technology kit

Aqualift F Compact Duo

KESSEL Technology kit Aqualift F Compact Duo, with 2 submersible SPZ 1000 pumps, operating mode S3 - 50 %, Single unit, level measurement pneumatic, pumping height 10 m

    Item no. 28704-TK
    GTIN 4026092107423
    Price group 20

      Technology kit Aqualift F Compact Duo
      For combination with a KESSEL shell kit for creating a Duo lifting station for wastewater without sewage with an SPZ1000 wastewater pump. The ready to plug in lifting station for wastewater without sewage is equipped with a submersible pump and a backflow preventer. The collection tank made of permanently resistant polymer (PE) has an open pump tank. One-handed closures enable easy removal of the integrated components. The system for installation in the floor slab is pre-assembled for final installation on site. The station is controlled by a user-friendly control unit, which is optionally integrated in the building management system using a potential-free contact or alarm and collective fault messages that can be output through a GSM interface. KESSEL technology kit consisting of: - Pumps with macerator and multi-vane vortex impeller for maximum operating safety - Comfort control unit 230 V - Optical alarm probe - Pneumatic level measurement Variant Type of system: Single unit Rim width: Control unit Dimensions Net weight: 25 kg Gross weight: 25 kg Packaging dimension: length: 785 mm Packaging dimension: width: 385 mm Packaging dimension: height: 465 mm Pumping device Pump control: SPZ 1000 Number of pumps: 2 Weight: 10 kg Connection type: coded plug Rated current: 5,2 A Length of mains cable for pump: 5 m Self-diagnosis system (SDS): I Insulation class: F Cos phi - power factor: 0,97 Protection class control unit: IP 68 (3m/48h) DSC: integrated Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C Hot water resistance for a short time (2 min): 80 °C Max. pumping capacity: 11,5 m³/h Max. pumping height: 10 m Speed: 2800 U/min Power P1: 1,2 kW Power P2: 0,69 kW Operating mode: S3 - 50 % Type of fuse required (electrical protection): Fuse protection through control unit 230 V Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 3G 1.5 mm² Impeller type: Macerator Control Control unit: Comfort Control unit function: With alarm message Motor protection switch: yes Alarm sensor: optical probe Level measurement instrument: Immersion pipe Type of level measurement: pneumatic Protection class probe: IP 54 Mains frequency: 50 Hz Operating voltage: 230 V Connection type: coded plug Length of mains cable for control unit: 1,4 m Potential-free contact: optional GSM interface: yes USB interface: yes Log book function: yes Multi-line display: yes Battery buffering: yes Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes Warning equipment version: acoustic and optical signal Rated current: 5,2 A
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      • Control unit (schaltgeraet): Comfort
      • Number of pumps (anzahl_pumpen): 2