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Upper section

tileable, 304 SST, K 3

KESSEL Upper section, volume 1,77 dm³, length 132 mm, width 132 mm, type of cover tileable cover plate, locking, design cover, Cover tileable

  • Multiple combinations with suitable drain bodies
Item no. 48211
GTIN 4026092029749
Price group 10

Upper section tileable, 304 SST, K 3
Used in combination with a drain body of the KESSEL modular system, the upper section is suitable for indoor point drainage. Variant System: 125 Dimensions Net weight: 0,27 kg Gross weight: 0,3 kg Height: 100 mm Packaging dimension: length: 133 mm Packaging dimension: width: 133 mm Packaging dimension: height: 100 mm Coverage features Type of cover: tileable cover plate Cover material: tileable Colour of cover: selectable Height of cover: 25 mm Frame material: Stainless steel 14301 Load class: K 3 (EN 1253-1) Rim length: 132 mm Rim material: 132 mm Shape of upper section: square Upper section material: ABS
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Cover tileable, Lock & Lift, ABS 680224 Show
  • TÜV test mark (pruefzeichen): ID 1111243495
  • Frame material (rahmen_material): Stainless steel 14301
  • Upper section material (material_aufsatzstueck): ABS