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Parking deck drain, Ecoguss

DN 100, round

KESSEL Parking deck drain, Ecoguss, System 100, nominal size (DN) 100, load class B 125, outside diameter (OD) 110 mm, drain body Ecoguss, locking Lock & Lift, socket vertical, shape of upper section round

  • Breakproof & load resistant
  • withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius
Item no. 48503
GTIN 4026092036129
Price group 40

    Parking deck drain, Ecoguss DN 100, round
    The Ecoguss parking deck drain is used for point drainage and is equipped with a sludge bucket. The recyclable composite material Ecoguss is temperature resistant and has a permanently corrosion-free surface. The outlet socket is suitable for connection to SML cast iron pipes. Separate equipotential bonding is not necessary. For products with pressure sealing flange: The pressure sealing flange with bolts and screws made of stainless steel is used for the clamping or welding of bitumen and polymer bitumen sheets as well as for polymer and elastomer sealing sheets. Only membranes tested by the manufacturer may be used for watertight seals. The outlet socket is suitable for connection to SML cast iron pipes. With connection option for equipotential bonding. It can be exposed to flames for short periods, 100 up to 400 degrees Celsius. Variant System: 100 Contents of sludge trap: yes Waterproofing layer on the drain body: Connection flange Discharge rate (l/s) with 20 mm backwater: 4,5 General characteristics Standard: EN 1253-2 Nominal size (DN): 100 Outer diameter (OD): 110 mm Dimensions Net weight: 2,9 kg Gross weight: 2,9 kg Diameter: 290 mm Cutout dimension, width: 300 mm Cutout dimension, length: 300 mm Length: 290 mm Width: 290 mm Height: 196 mm Packaging dimension: length: 340 mm Packaging dimension: width: 340 mm Packaging dimension: height: 215 mm Tank/drain body Material of drain body: Ecoguss Socket version: vertical Coverage features Type of cover: Round slotted cover Cover material: Ecoguss Colour of cover: black Width of cover: 234 mm Length of cover: 234 mm Surface: EDM Frame material: Ecoguss Locking: Lock & Lift Load class: B 125 (EN 124) Rim width: 247 mm Rim length: 247 mm Shape of upper section: round Upper section material: Ecoguss Contents of sludge trap: yes
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    Locking key for Ecoguss slotted gratings,Lock & Lift 67007 Show
    Slotted cover Ecoguss, d: 235 mm, B 125 680216 Show
    • Nominal size (DN) (nennweite): 100
    • Material of drain body (material_grundkoerper): Ecoguss
    • Cover material (abdeckung_material): Ecoguss
    • Frame material (rahmen_material): Ecoguss
    • Upper section material (material_aufsatzstueck): Ecoguss
    • Load class (belastungsklasse): B 125 (EN 124)
    • Locking (verriegelung): Lock & Lift
    • (form_Aufsatzstueck):
    • Contents of sludge trap (schlammeimer): yes
    • Socket version (stutzen_ausfuehrung): vertical