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Sealing drains with shallow bed waterproofing layer

Type of waterproofing 1 of 4

Standard-compliant waterproofing as layer

Shallow bed waterproofing layers allow floor drains in damp and wet rooms to be sealed economically. A special spreadable and fillable sealing compound is applied to the screed; this compound remains flexible when cured, so that no cracks develop. The specifications concerning building waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18534 must be taken into consideration for waterproofing as layer.

Waterproofing as layer

  1. Drain body
  2. Odour trap
  3. Shallow bed upper section

Waterproofing using an additional membrane

  1.  Drain body
  2. Odour trap
  3. Shallow bed upper section
  4. Grating cover
  5. Pressure sealing flange
  6. Extension section

Preparing a composite seal

1. Install the drain

Install the drain body (with additional membrane if necessary) and the shallow bed upper section so that the top of the upper section is flush with the screed and completely backfilled.

Bonding a waterproofing membrane

2. Bond the waterproofing membrane

Remove the temporary cover, clean the flange face, apply installation adhesive and work-in the enclosed waterproofing membrane.

Completing the shallow bed waterproofing layer - floor construction

3. Complete the floor construction

Screw on the grating over, including the mating flange. Lay the floor covering and allow it to cure, then grout the grating frame.

Installation videos: Waterproofing membrane bonding

Compatibility of construction chemicals and adhesive

For drain technology, we offer drains and channels that include a waterproofing membrane. These must be attached to the drain or channel on site. We have therefore tested various adhesives and confirm that these meet the peeling force requirements of EN 1253; DIN 18534.

  • Würth Basic WIT PM 200
  • Hilti HIT 1
  • Fischer FIS VL
  • Walraven WIS WVSF 200

Working together with various construction chemical manufacturers, we have also prepared system sheets for composite seals in which it is confirmed that our waterproofing membranes harmonise with the sealing products of the construction chemical manufacturers.

Construction chemical compatibility