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Upper sections

Special occupational safety regulations, special hygiene requirements, convenient maintenance: Our range of compatible upper sections is diverse. So you will always find the product solution that is a perfect fit.

Different requirements apply in every property, which have to be fulfilled by upper sections in a building. In an industrial building, anti-slip grated covers are required, while in the barefoot area of a swimming pool, bathroom covers are used. Cleaning closures for direct connection to pipes are necessary for a property; in shower rooms, the Lock & Lift system is an advantage. That's why we offer you a variety of options when choosing the right solution. This allows you to configure the exact combination of modular system that fits your individual situation on site. 

Upper sections

What is the structure of the floor? What guidelines must be observed in terms of occupational safety and hygiene? How important are the aesthetics? There are many questions that influence your decision in favour of the right upper section – We provide you with the answer in the form of an extensive range. Anti-slip, attractive or easy to clean: With KESSEL, you will always find the solution that meets your precise requirements.

Cleaning closures

Anyone wanting to clean or inspect pipes needs access to them. For this reason, the norm prescribes cleaning openings that can be designed, for example, as a cleaning closure. The watertight cover plate can be unscrewed to clean and maintain the main drainage pipe or to temporarily discharge wastewater into them.

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You provide information on the installation situation, requirements and accessories – SmartSelect navigates you directly to the appropriate product selection.

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