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Floor Tray Ferrofix

glued flange H: 15mm, 350x350mm

KESSEL Floor Tray Ferrofix, nominal size (DN) 125, Glued flange height 15 mm, width 350 mm, length 350 mm, type of cover Slotted cover, socket, waterproofing layer upper section by Adhesive flange (suitable for moisture barriers), outside diameter (OD) 125 mm

  • Made of particularly a hygienic and mechanically highly resistant stainless steel
  • Variably combinable with suitable drain bodies
Item no. 6035035
GTIN 4026092066485
Price group 80

    Floor Tray Ferrofix glued flange H: 15mm, 350x350mm
    The Ferrofix floor tray made of stainless steel with a material thickness of 2.0 mm (pickled in the immersion bath) is equipped with polished visible ridges, longitudinal and transverse slopes, feet for height adjustment and stainless steel outlet nozzles. The channel profile is suitable for joint sealing and has a circumferential adhesive edge (15 mm deep and 50 mm folded outwards) with welded mitres. The glued flange is suitable for connecting waterproofing layers in accordance with DIN 18534, for all waterproofing classes. Variant Waterproofing layer on the upper section: Adhesive flange (suitable for moisture barriers) Water exposure class in accordance to DIN 18534-1 (up to and including): W3-I Glued flange height: 15 mm General characteristics Nominal size (DN): 125 Outer diameter (OD): 125 mm Glued flange height: 15 mm Dimensions Net weight: 8 kg Gross weight: 8 kg Length: 350 mm Width: 350 mm Height: 60 mm Packaging dimension: length: 600 mm Packaging dimension: width: 200 mm Packaging dimension: height: 80 mm Coverage features Type of cover: Slotted cover Colour of cover: silver Locking: placed Load class: L 15 (EN 1253-1) Slip resistance class: R12 according to DIN 51130; C according to DIN 51097 Upper section material: Stainless steel 14301
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    Sludge bucket d: 122 mm, SST 48636 Show
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    • Nominal size (DN) (nennweite): 125
    • Upper section material (material_aufsatzstueck): Stainless steel 14301
    • Type of cover (abdeckungsart): Slotted cover
    • Length (laenge): 350  mm
    • Width (breite): 350  mm
    • Load class (belastungsklasse): L 15 (EN 1253-1)
    • (oberflaeche):