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Pump system Aquapump Retrofit

Duo, GTF4000-S1, level sensor

KESSEL Pump system Aquapump Retrofit Duo, wastewater without sewage, installation in on-site collecting tank, with 2 submersible GTF 4000 pumps, operating mode S1, 400 V, level measurement Level sensor, Backflow preventer integrated

    Item no. GTF4000-D
    Price group 60

      Pump system Aquapump Retrofit Duo, GTF4000-S1, level sensor
      Pump system, wet installation, for installation in an on-site chamber module. - For wastewater without sewage - Pressure pipe, pre-assembled at the factory, with mounting parts, a backflow preventer and shut-off valve - Pump with a single-vane impeller for optimum energy efficiency - Including a level probe for level measurement - Including a KESSEL Aqualift Comfort 400 V control unit User-friendly menu navigation in a multi-line display. With a self-diagnosis system (SDS) and reminder function for the next maintenance. Display of the current measured values. Simple adjustment of the function-related parameters, including an operating hour counter and potential-free contact. Optional forwarding of alarm and collective fault messages via a GSM interface. -Required minimum diameter of the on-site chamber module: 1000 mm Variant Type of system: duo pump Shut-off valve: yes Rim width: Control unit Backwater protection: integrated Pressure pipe connection: horizontal General characteristics Standard: EN 12050-2 Type of wastewater: without sewage Installation situation: installation in on-site collecting tank Delivery state: Modular set for assembly on site System type: Duo Dimensions Net weight: 238 kg Gross weight: 268 kg Tank/drain body Pressure pipe connection (DN): 50 Pressure pipe connection (OD): 63 mm Pumping device Pump control: GTF 4000 Number of pumps: 2 Weight: 12 kg Connection type: coded plug Rated current: 6,6 A Length of mains cable for pump: 10 m Self-diagnosis system (SDS): I Protection class control unit: IP 68 (3m) DSC: integrated Max. temperature (permanent) of conveyed material: 40 °C Max. pumping capacity: 53 m³/h Max. pumping height: 18 m Speed: 2900 U/min Power P1: 4 kW Power P2: 3,4 kW Operating mode: S1 Type of fuse required (electrical protection): 3 x C 32 A Type of pump connection cable: H07RN-F 7G 1.5 mm² Impeller type: Multi-vane impeller Control Control unit: Comfort Alarm sensor: Level sensor Level measurement instrument: Level sensor Type of level measurement: hydrostatic Protection class probe: IP 54 Mains frequency: 50 Hz Operating voltage: 400 V Connection type: coded plug Length of mains cable for control unit: 1,4 m Potential-free contact: optional GSM interface: yes USB interface: yes Log book function: yes Multi-line display: yes Battery buffering: yes Self-diagnosis system (SDS): yes Rated current: 6,6 A
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      • Control unit (schaltgeraet): Comfort
      • Type of wastewater (abwasserart_de): without sewage
      • Alarm sensor (alarmgeber): Level sensor
      • Pump control (pumpe): GTF 4000
      • Impeller type (laufrad_typ): Multi-vane impeller