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EasyClean free Basic Direct

The cost-effective solution for exposed installation.

Modern wastewater technology means performance and economy: The EasyClean free Basic Direct grease separator is an efficient answer to the challenge of wastewater disposal in large kitchens and food processing businesses that is as safe as it is reliable. Made of hard-wearing polymer, it is still fully operational even decades after installation.

Unpleasant or even noxious odours during disposal? They are a thing of the past with the EasyClean free Basic Direct grease separator! The cost-effective alternative for a high level of convenience: Thanks to the permanently installed direct disposal pipe, the contents of the tank can be disposed of completely without odour nuisance. Cleaning and maintenance are nonetheless not a problem: The inside of the grease separator is accessed conveniently through the two covers.

Advantages  Article overview

100 % corrosion-free – 20-year guarantee

Our grease separators are made of polyethylene. That makes them resistant to aggressive fatty acids and they are therefore particularly durable. Trust in KESSEL quality: In addition to the statutory provision, we provide a 20-year warranty with regard to the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural stability of tanks and upper sections.

No cleaning & maintenance problems

Access to the inside is very easy: Slanted openings with odour-tight quick-release closures simplify and accelerate the maintenance and cleaning.

5 stars for cleaning

Inside the tank there is a slope. Thanks to gravity, the wastewater therefore flows automatically to the pump inlet. Your advantage: That not only saves time, but also disposal costs.

Unpleasant odours: not at all

Once installed, unpleasant odours are a thing of the past: The permanently installed direct disposal pipe enables the wastewater to be disposed of without having to open the tank.

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard grease separators we also develop individual solutions on request for special requirements in terms of form, function and dimensioning. 

Individual solutions