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EasyClean free round Auto Mix grease separator

The convenient solution for exposed installation.

The EasyClean free round Auto Mix is a grease separator with direct disposal, a shredder-mix system for circulation and homogenisation of the tank contents and a control unit for central control of the shredder-mix system and refill inlet. The contents of the closed tank are extracted through permanently installed pipes, onto which the disposal vehicle’s pump is coupled on the outside of the building.

The round EasyClean greases separators are built to EN 1825. They were developed to meet all the requirements of modern wastewater technology at a marketable entry level price. They are available in nominal sizes NS 10, NS 15 and NS 20. In addition, we also offer individual solutions for specific requirements and installation situations. 

Advantages  Article overview

The EasyClean free round Auto Mix offers many advantages:

  • Direct disposal: Disposal via the direct disposal pipe – without opening the tank.
  • No odour emissions: The shredder-mix system ensures odourless disposal and cleaning.
  • Central control: The shredder-mix system and refill inlet can be controlled via the control unit.

100 % corrosion-free – 20-year guarantee

Our grease separators are made of polyethylene. That makes them resistant to aggressive fatty acids and they are therefore particularly durable. Trust in KESSEL quality: In addition to the statutory provision, we provide a 20-year warranty with regard to the leak tightness, fitness for purpose and structural stability of tanks and upper sections.


The SonicControl automatic layer thickness measuring device with ultrasound sensor precisely monitors the temperature and thickness of the grease layer in grease separators. Owners/operating companies can verify the actual quantity of grease produced to the relevant authorities and optimise the necessary disposal cycles outside of standard requirements.

More information

EasyClean free round Auto Mix

With shredder-mix-system and central control

  Nominal size (NS)Sludge bucket Item no.  
10 yes 93010.05/DSP
20 yes 93020.05/DSP

Not found the right product?

In addition to our standard grease separators we also develop individual solutions on request for special requirements in terms of form, function and dimensioning. 

Individual solutions